Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I&E Performance Task

Task- Advertisement Option 1
-Presentation of video in Week 10
-Create a 30-60 sec video/animation commercial to promote your product
-A storyboard and commercial scripts must be handed in by Week 8 lesson to your I&E teacher
-No lewd acts or vulgarities or anything that is deemed racially insensitive can be used
-Completed video commercial must be posted on your group's product blog by Term 4 Week 3
-The following disclaimer must be stated clearly at the end of your commercial

DISCLAIMER : This commercial is entirely and I&E project for academic purposes only. No real product/service shown in this commercial is being manufactured or sold.

-Presentation on Week 10 only 5 mins presentation
-Storyboard by Week 8
-Product video shows by Week 9



Monday, 30 July 2012

Marketing Performance Task

Group Members

Product: Bespoke Sofas

Product Description: These sofas are custom made, custom designed to the client's specification at a reasonable cost.

Target Audience: Everyone

Tagline: Who says all bespoke items are unaffordable?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Performance Task for Marketing

Group member:
Chan Kuang Seng (Leader)
Ryan Chew
Choy Rui Zhi
Foong Yan Kai

Product: Chinese and English Spork

Product describe: Chopstick with spoon, spoon with fork. They are universal. Utensils are the basic necessity for life.

Group name: Fluxcy

Tagline:We serve the best, Only the best.

Marketing Performance Task

(Denzel, Ryan, Shawn, Leonard)

Name: Bikes 4 Life

Product: Bicycles

Targeted at: Everyone

Superior Value: Variety and customization

Marketing Strategy:

Marketing Performance Task

Group Members:
Sherman Tan(Leader)
Nicholas Tan
Theodor Lim

Product: Pillow

Brand Name: Sleepy

Good Quality Pillows

Marketing Performance Task ( Jovan, Isaac Gan, Malcolm , Kevin)

Product we are selling would be Detergent

Our company name would be UBER CLEAN

Our product would clean all stains from all kinds of fabrics.Customers would not have to worry about staining their clothes and they would have an indulging experience when using them.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

I&E Groups

Group 1: Denzel (CEO), Isaac (Marketing), Ryan (Operations), Theodor (Production), Matthew (Financial)
-Buying can drinks. (24 of each)
-Coke (Have)
-Lemon tea (Ryan Pek)
-Green tea (Denzel)
-100 plus (Matthew)

Group 2:Rui Zhi (CEO), Nick Tan (Production), Ryan Chew(Operation), Sherman (Marketing), Shawn (Financial)
-Buying cup noodles. (100)
-Buy plastic forks/chopsticks.
-Icebox or styrofoam box. (Sherman)
-Get water boiler (maybe)

Group 3: Ruo Song (Financial) , Jovan (CEO), Yan Kai (Production), Malcolm (Marketing), Nic Lee (Operation)
-Getting the ice. (Jovan)
Get the water boiler. (Jovan)

Group 4: Leonard (Marketing), Charles (CEO), Kevin (Financial), Kuang Seng (Operation)(Production)
-Getting bottled drinks. (8)
-Buy plastic cups.
-Get buckets. (2)(Kevin)



Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Branding(Leonard, Charles, Kuang Seng)

Business : Micro Chips(literally), Wagons, Toiletries and Cardboard Art
Brand : Buccino Inc. 
Tagline : (You can't even see it!) OR (It's so cheap you other brothers can't deny!)
Similar Company/Product: Wagon Depot, Kohler, Aperture Science
Branding Strategy: References, Word Of Mouth, Google

BRANDING (Denzel, Matthew)

Business: Sports Training

Brand: Whooosh

Tagline: Blow you away

Similar Company: JSSL Arsenal

Branding Strategy: -Targeted at children of all age groups with love for football
                               -Partnered with a well known soccer club (Arsenal) to attract attention
                               -Coaches from Arsenal usually come to educate both the children and local
                                 coaches in Singapore and to find local young talent.                        

BRANDING (Jovan Ng, Nicholas Lee, Foong Yan Kai)

Business: Game Producing Company

Brand Name: Insta-Respawn

Tagline: There's a gamer in all of us

Similar Company: Electronic Arts

Branding Strategy: Create trademark to refer to the developers that they publish games for as 'artists'

BRANDING (Isaac Gan,Ryan Pek, Theodor Lim)

Business: Food Industry


Tagline:We bake BUNS

Similar Company:BreadTalk

Branding Strategy: 

-Has branched across 16 countries, leaving our mark with more than 400 boutique bakeries, 40 food atriums and restaurants, supported by global staff strength of 6000 employees.

-The company have a shared vision to be an international trend-setting lifestyle brand

-The company products are also crafted with passion and vibrancy to the highest quality.

-The company has signature 'see thru' kitchens allow our chefs to showcase their expertise upfront

BRANDING(Sherman Tan,Malcom Ang, Kevin Tay)

Business: Fruit Farm
Brand: The Fruit Factory
Tagline: Fruits.
Similar Company/ Product: Sunkist
Promoting Strategy: Discounts,Variety and Propaganda.

BRANDING (Pey Ruo-Song, Shawn Liew)

Business: Electronics Store
Brand Name: Electro
Tagline Because it's electronics!
Similar Company: Challenger (Singapore), Best Buy (USA)
Branding Strategy: - Strategic location in the heartlands and city
                               - Good Customer Service (Customer-centricity)
                               - Wide variety of consumer electronics

BRANDING(Nicholas Tan, Ryan Chew, Choy Rui Zhi)

Business: Technology
Brand: Pear
Tagline: Think Ahead.
Similar Company/Product: Apple
Branding Strategy: 
Apple is world's most valuable publicly traded company.
Sells premium products at high prices.
Design is slick and beautiful, simplistic.
"We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and ask: " What do we want? " " Quote from Steve Jobs.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Important Datelines

9 MARCH : Submit Innovation Report ( jerome_tan@sst.edu.sg)

9 MARCH TO 25 MARCH : 1) Model / Prototype to be done
2) Presentation to be prepared

27 MARCH : Touch up model / prototype , presentation

3 APRIL : Presentation

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Submission of Final Social Innovation Report

Please submit our final report by 9 March 2012. Send your submissions to jerome_tan@sst.edu.sg. Thank You.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Start with a problem statement.
Identify underlying causes (describe 7-8 different perspectives)
Root cause (using ladder of Why's)
Produce solution ideas (individual, different solutions)
Select evaluation criteria
Apply criteria (solution matrix)

PLEASE NOTE: Each group needs to produce a model/prototype/physical product as an end-result.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


My out-of-this-world invention is a "Feelings Transmitter". It is a trendy T-shirt with custom-made designs specific to each person's liking. Designs will not change colour, only the cloth of the T-shirt will change colour. It will transmit a colour based on your current emotions. A reddish colour would signify the wearer of this T-shirt is angry, a blueish colour would signify the wearer is sad or down, so on and so forth. This invention is aimed to help people not further agitate the agitated people around, allow them to try to cheer up the sad or unhappy people around them, etc.

~Jovan Ng~


My invention is the "Pet Finder". The Pet Finder will find a suitable pet for you after you key in your characteristics. It will suggest a pet for you.

I&E Groupings

Group 1: Denzel Supriyadi (Leader), Matthew Phong
Group 2: Theodor Lim (Leader), Ryan Pek, Isaac Gan
Group 3: Foong Yan Kai (Leader), Malcolm Ang, Sherman Tan
Group 4: Shawn Liew (Leader), Pey Ruo Song
Group 5: Choy Rui Zhi (Leader), Nicholas Tan, Ryan Chew
Group 6: Kevin Tay (Leader), Nicholas Lee, Chan Kuang Seng
Group 7: Jovan Ng (Leader), Charles, Leonard See

I&E Rep: Matthew Phong


My invention is a sweet that once eaten, will give you extraordinary thinking abilities. This will allow those who eat the sweets to be really hardworking and become a fast learner.

Advantages: For people to study real hard during their learning phase so once after that, they will be able to get a good job.

Disadvantages: Everyone will use it so it will be quite tough to differentiate who will enter the good and bad schools.


My out of this world invention is a filter that can convert ordinary items into gold.

Malcolm Ang Shi Chuan


My invention is a radar-operated car that will avoid accidents.



A teleporter to break down and rematerialize a human for instant transportation. No more time wasted on traveling and no one arriving late. These teleporters could be set up at convenient locations like outside an Estate or at a school.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is about change, to modify and improve something from influence and inspiration to make a new invention or creation.


You can keep changing it to make something new, and can be moulded into something new and fascinating.

By - Theodor, Isaac and Ryan Pek :D

What is Innovation?

Innovation and Entrepreneurship is about being :

  • Creative
  • Innovative
  • Unique
  • Different
  • Good time management
By : Pey Ruo Song and Shawn Liew


My invention is anti gravity boots which allow you to fly and land safely.


My idea is to have an automatic mechanic pencil that refills itself whenever it runs out of lead.


My invention is a machine that is able to provide us with original ideas when we are unable to think of any new ones.

Monday, 30 January 2012


My invention is a portable elevator that can be used anywhere to get to places higher up.


My invention is a addition to a car where the harmful gas released can be converted to oxygen.


My invention is an umbrella that goes wherever you go when it rains. It is hands free and frees up your hands to do other things.


My invention: A water-powered phone.

The phone will be run by water, without batteries. The phone must be waterproof. The phone will be spilt into two compartments, one where the hardwares are (like hard-drive, screen) while the other will contain water and the mechanism that converts water to energy.

- No need to charge,
- Environmentally friendly.

- Danger of water leakage,
- The material used to hold the water must be strong. As if the phone is dropped, the water container might break.

What is Innovation?

Innovation and Entrepreneur
- creating
- maker
- thinker
- ideas
- brainstorm
- mind-map

Innovation and Entrepreneur is about brainstorming ideas on a mind-map, which is what we call the thinking process.

Done by: Choy Rui Zhi, Nicholas Tan, Ryan Chew

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


My invention is a multipurpose fish tank filter. It will feed the fish depending on whether the fishes are hungry. It will sense the fishes' behaviour and detect hunger. Another function of the filter is that of an air pump. And of course, it filters the water too.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Product: A hybrid printer which combines an impact printer, inkjet printer and laser printer to achieve the maximum output in the most compact form.

This printer will move rapidly vertically and horizontally with many rows of heads from impact printer, inkjet and laser. This will allow the printer to achieve the maximum efficiency in the shortest period of time.


My invention is: Automatic Vase.

A vase which will change the color of the water every half a month and automatically refill it with water.


My invention is a watch phone.Using a watch phone, there is no need to have pockets or pouches to carry around with you. It will be small, light and portable. Want to play games? Extend the watch into a piece of flexible touchscreen phone.


To create a spectacles that allows you to watch videos streamed from the Internet on your spectacle lens.

Monday, 16 January 2012

What is innovation?

Word that define innovation & entrepreneurship:
1) Change
2) New
3) Unique
4) Different
5) Special
6) Improved.
Sentence: Innovation is about changing for a new and unique things which are different but special.

Group members: Sherman Tan, Malcolm Ang, Foong Yan kai

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What is innovation?

Sentence: Innovation is a process of inventing or improving something which requires creativity and inspiration.

Metaphor: Innovation is an egg because we have to crack the egg to get what's on the inside which is similar to thinking very hardly to come up with an idea. Then we have to cook an egg to make it taste good, that is in a way refining your idea that you came up with as you go along. Improving that idea until it becomes something good, something great that will benefit society.

Group members: Denzel Supriyadi, Matthew Phong

Tuesday, 3 January 2012